Rendered Void (2016)

4 identical vertically secured frames, bent 5° in two dimensions and stacked to a 45° twist. Timber, gloss spray paint, japanned screws.

353 x 76 x 75cm


Rendered Shell (2016)

2 vertically and horizontally secured frames, bent 14° and 7° in alternate dimensions. Timber, gloss spray paint, Calvin Klein 'one' fragrance, Calvin Klein 'be' fragrance, japanned screws.

87 x 76 x 57cm


Conference (2016)

Shortlisted for the William Dunn School for Pathology Commission. 6 Arne Jacobsen 3100 'ant' chairs, fluorescent spray paint, uncut rubies, cochineal.

109 x 70 x 80cm


Untitled (2017)

6 detachable, unsecured frames with horizontal linear growth and quadratic vertical growth.Timber, copperchrome spray paint, Paco Rabanne '1 Million Prive' fragrance, .999 gold leaf.

139 x 39 x 39cm


Blockchain (2015)

3 identical, secured frames, bent 10° in two dimensions and stacked with the first two frames attached. Timber, gloss spray paint, screws.

112 x 87 x 79cm